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Hello Newgrounds.

I just wanted to say I've never stopped loving you. Though I do not stalk you like I used to, I still always walk by your place. I know you're there, I see how well you are doing, and it makes me happy. A lot has changed, for you, and me. The world's attention span for media has been condensed to 15 seconds. I remember when we would watch a 5 minute cartoon about loving the moon and we wouldn't dream of moving on until we finished the whole video. That's okay, I'm old now, so are you, Newgrounds. But look what you've done, especially as other websites stop caring for their creators, you've always been there with open arms for the community. I wanted to apologize for not reaching out to you as much as I used to, Newgrounds. The friends made in our pique time together still bounce around in my existence from time to time.

Newgrounds, you were there for me when I was at a low part of my life. Your community offered more for me than my own real life for a while, and I thank you for that. I got out of a bad situation and moved, and had a big change in life's pace. I found bicycles again and began spending almost all of my time outdoors. My art became a part of my bike life, I began making water bottles, caps, gloves, jerseys.. all ways to see my art in the bicycle outside world around me. This took a toll on the attention I gave you, Newgrounds, I am sorry.

I've been more focused lately on creating more art, maybe just because of the lockdowns and winters, but I have a lot planned for myself. I hope to spam you with some of these projects, Newgrounds, if you'll allow me.

Oh yeah..17 years later I still use Flash to illustrate. I refuse to grow up, Newgrounds. I post a lot of spam art on this instagram account, if you're interested in that kinda stuff.


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Mass Muderer 25 Points

Kill everyone in springfield

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Quad Killer 10 Points

Kill each member of the Flanders super fast!

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