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Oh man I've been getting bad internet withdrawls *scratches at neck*.. have way too much catching up to do.

A little while before Comic-Con I started busting my hump to make enough cash to spend while I was over in California, which involved me taking up a second job (gross). Did that for a while and was off to San Diego, which was quite a blast! Met a bunch of awesome Newgrounders and got together with a bunch of familiar faces as well. Got to meet a bunch of awesome artists as well, Penn Ward, Thurop Van Orman, John K, Doug TenNapel, Jhonen Vasquez, Craig McCracken's wife, and even briefer contact with a couple others. Saw some good panels, but missed a couple others I tried to attend (damn you Venture Bros!), partied (although I did sadly miss Penn Ward's beach party.. AND the Mighty Boosh Party; double yarg), and nerded it up as well of course. Everyone was great once again; this year was even more of a success than last year, the turn-up seems to keep growing.. I think everyone should try to attend next year!

Got back from Comic-Con, and had 3 days until I was on another plane to leave the country. During those 3 days I had to pack all my stuff from my apartment and move it into my new house, which I managed to get done, (omg hay guys if you're in Austin, party?) packed all my clothes and whatnot, and the next morning was on a plane to Costa Rica.

Spent a little under a month there and went to the Pacific Ocean, a rain forest, an active volcano, a cloud forest, the Caribbean, did a canopy zip-line tour, hanging bridges, white water rafting, waterfall repelling, swimming in waves that when the water was at my waist was going over my head, saw the world championship surfing contest by Billabong, and saw oodles of animals. Some of the animals seen were three kinds of monkeys, white faced, spider, and howler, pizotes, an agouti, a tapir, eyelash palm vipers, sloths, poison arrow dart frogs, blue jeaned and green and black, several other kinds of frogs, a bunch of butterflies and other insects, and one more animal that I had waited 12 years to see, a kinkajou. I had wanted to see a kinkajou since the first time I visited Costa Rica 12 years ago, and I finally got to do it ;D Here's a bunch of pics my dad took, I have some pics myself but they are all on my phone still.. I can't find the insertion card for my Micro SD :(

Jaco | La Fortuna | More La Fortuna | Even More | Hanging Bridges | More La Fortuna | Arenal Park | Puerto Viejo | Volcano

After that, I was broke again and had rent to pay, so I slaved away.. but everything is squared away, bills paid, and I'm back on the internet. So I horribly apologize for my being away for so long, but I'm going to start being on AIM more and being a better e-person! Fo rillz.

And I have no real animations this year, or any submissions for that matter! I started planning out a cartoon while I was in Costa Rica, but no real details on that for now, gotta get these ideas out of my head and onto the computer! Some of it is on paper, but just rough doodles and stuffs for now. Will keep that to myself for now, but here's a compilation of some random doodles I made while in Costa Rica:

Work, Comic-Con, Costa Rica, and more Work..


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