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This was incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed watching every slap happy overly excited DRUNKEN FUN TIME party second of it. After watching this I dove into some of your other works.. after watching YOLO the original, the gaps were filled in. However, the initial confusion and watching these two videos in backwards order almost made it even better.

Absolutely splendid. I hope you make it big, sir.

Somebody needs to blow on this because it's HOT!

Ah, I saw the icon on the front page and knew exactly what I was getting myself into. Your work is so easy to spot ;D

This was an amazing cartoon, much longer than anything else I've seen of yours. Quite the interesting storyline, and story telling style. The animation style was of course quire bizarre but delightful. Your character designs have always been awesome. I love the color schemes at the different spots, quite artistic ;D I love how you threw in some clay into this one! All the fart sounds are quite ren and stimpy, same with some of the score in this (I read your news blog, and I see you admit it's like the show on LSD, heh... sounds about right). The barking dog made me giggle, what a silly sounding pup ;P I could sure go for a cup of coffee after watching that movie, if you excuse me, I must go find some, and hope that my adventure will be HALF as crazy :)

Excellent work, I hope the NG frontpage audience can appreciate this masterpiece!

W-P-S responds:

"and I see you admit it's like the show on LSD,"

no i didn't

i quoted that review because

*slams hands on keyboard and writes review*

A lovely little short mister muffin! I love the 11 year old version of you... Were the talking smileys even popular back then? I remember things like Comet Cursor but not the talking smileys... but oh the Neopets, I remember getting wrangled up into that mess at one point, heh. I love your facial expressions as you visit the various sites... as always, your character designs are great, with nice FBF. Your style is simple, but very clean and... oh noes, meatspin'd... poor lil fella. So... you got your interest in muffins from muffin films, and was your flash inspiration? Very nice, I had an interest in muffins already when I came across that website... good stuff. Homestar was my inspiration for flash... but that has nothing to do with BlueHippo... hmm, my story probably would have been rather dull and boring.. did you have to lie a little bit about where your name came from to make the story more interesting? I loved your version of the muffin cartoon; the muffins with mustaches fills me with great glee! Oh yeah, your current chappy self looks very educated and proper, I can see that flash has turned you into a REAL man... I wish I had a monocle :( Great short, hope it does well on ABS.. you've gotten me interested in this TOFA, I'll have to look it up! Keep up the good work as always :)

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The portal is still in peril as I've not yet won!

Great game, played and died three times, still not done with it yet though! On the last play I was able to get to Stamper and Jeff, took out Jeff, but Stamper finished me off. Some good CC things in here, like the X's for where the 'bomb' lands when fighting BFK, the saws they summon, and of course the violence ;D I love that you can eat their organs and regain health, heh. Really cool how everyone you have to kill are real NG members, very nice idea. Haven't gotten to play as any secret characters yet, I suppose I have no place to review this game as I've not completed it! I'd play more but I've put off work long enough to give this a whirl, heh. Nice concept on the waves, KK, then programmers, then animators, then mods. The bonus rounds in between are also pretty cool. Hell, even the preloader was good, great game you guys, you've outdone yourselves ;D Nice looking characters, I like how they hold level weapons to attack with, and the levels get higher as the stages get harder. I liked that Steve had the old level 30 spear, heh. Hans manages to keep his cigarette in his mouth even while he's killin', how fitting! I'll be back to beat this game, oh you know it.

Randy Candy, Dandy.

Nicely done, a lot more to this game than that little demo you sent me long ago. The game seemed pretty laggy, I had to play on low quality.. but I have a fair amount of applications running. Level 4 was ultra lag. Also, whenever that 'S' thing was above your head (and even when the flying guy was there holding it) appeared, lag ensued. The gameplay was alright, it felt a little slow moving. The levels seemed to kinda drag on. I felt like I was compelled to play to see all the characters, friends, and bosses though. The characters, friends, and bosses, were all great, though. Well, the bugs on level 2 felt a bit rushed, especially that bee, heh. I liked all the characters with three eyes ;D I also loved the black guys on 4 who would split up into that blue-hippo-blue color... mmm. I wish I were able to attack some of the bosses while they were striking.. like when the frog tried to lick me, wish I could still shoot him. The levels became really easy as the weapon became more powerful... like the three or four beams... I didn't get hit until the boss. Good fun though, loved the music, and loved the little main character. Hopefully you can get to the bottom of that lag problem.

There you go Kevin, enjoy that wall of text :3

Quite cute sir Breadfruiticus

Pretty cute indeed sir Breadfruit. A rather simple game, but still quite amusing ;P I like the 'AAAAA' on the preloader. I also really enjoyed the music, and the graphics were of course sexy and breadfruit-esque! I mean, who doesn't love your style? Tremclad was looking pretty sexy back there, he was bobbing up and down with me as we jammed to that catchy little beat. Took me a second play to figure out that it was on a timer... hmmm, seemed kinda short. SMELLED LIKE A SMELLY BREADFRUIT <3

Also the word is "you're" not "your"

you're fired you gugajao. yes. you.

BreadFruitLock responds:

yes. i am a fat smelly ajao. excuse me while i go fap to maplestory.

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POW! This is awesome! Nice colors and doodle, composition, and then giving an actual subject matter to the blob of doodles! Really well done! I just checked out your other work, your doodle skills are on point! Nice use of shading in this one, it really helps add some depth to that hovering dream cloud! What's the band called?

mraw responds:

hey thanks so much dude, appreciate the review! my mates called Xarnda
check his tunes at www.xarnda.com :)

CREEPMANSION. Dude this is so rad, I love your work so much. Super mad doodle skills, really awesome use of every inch of space. Holla at a hippo if you'd ever sell any of these pieces, I think it would look rad in my room's collection of colorful cray-cray art!

Wow, I loved this so much then I saw you put "shwifty" in there.. that's so good, that's the term we use when we are getting weird hahaha. Water, maxipads, and chicken. Alright, alright. The hand sign is super dope, and that triple eye melt-a-thon is super gnarly. The patterned freckles on the shoulders are also pretty sick. GOOD JOB. Keep it up, gonna creep on your art now kthx.

Pretty lame, even for a hippo.

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