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This was incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed watching every slap happy overly excited DRUNKEN FUN TIME party second of it. After watching this I dove into some of your other works.. after watching YOLO the original, the gaps were filled in. However, the initial confusion and watching these two videos in backwards order almost made it even better.

Absolutely splendid. I hope you make it big, sir.

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blek koffi blek koffi

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Somebody needs to blow on this because it's HOT!

Ah, I saw the icon on the front page and knew exactly what I was getting myself into. Your work is so easy to spot ;D

This was an amazing cartoon, much longer than anything else I've seen of yours. Quite the interesting storyline, and story telling style. The animation style was of course quire bizarre but delightful. Your character designs have always been awesome. I love the color schemes at the different spots, quite artistic ;D I love how you threw in some clay into this one! All the fart sounds are quite ren and stimpy, same with some of the score in this (I read your news blog, and I see you admit it's like the show on LSD, heh... sounds about right). The barking dog made me giggle, what a silly sounding pup ;P I could sure go for a cup of coffee after watching that movie, if you excuse me, I must go find some, and hope that my adventure will be HALF as crazy :)

Excellent work, I hope the NG frontpage audience can appreciate this masterpiece!

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W-P-S responds:

"and I see you admit it's like the show on LSD,"

no i didn't

i quoted that review because

My Screen Name My Screen Name

Rated 4 / 5 stars

*slams hands on keyboard and writes review*

A lovely little short mister muffin! I love the 11 year old version of you... Were the talking smileys even popular back then? I remember things like Comet Cursor but not the talking smileys... but oh the Neopets, I remember getting wrangled up into that mess at one point, heh. I love your facial expressions as you visit the various sites... as always, your character designs are great, with nice FBF. Your style is simple, but very clean and... oh noes, meatspin'd... poor lil fella. So... you got your interest in muffins from muffin films, and was your flash inspiration? Very nice, I had an interest in muffins already when I came across that website... good stuff. Homestar was my inspiration for flash... but that has nothing to do with BlueHippo... hmm, my story probably would have been rather dull and boring.. did you have to lie a little bit about where your name came from to make the story more interesting? I loved your version of the muffin cartoon; the muffins with mustaches fills me with great glee! Oh yeah, your current chappy self looks very educated and proper, I can see that flash has turned you into a REAL man... I wish I had a monocle :( Great short, hope it does well on ABS.. you've gotten me interested in this TOFA, I'll have to look it up! Keep up the good work as always :)

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The Food Collab The Food Collab

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Mmmm, foooood!

Nice work from everybody! Boogley, you have some nice FBF work, nice and colorful, and very happy! BornToByte, your style was cute, the muffin wearing the makeup makes me giggle ;P I also like your movie-trailer voice acting ;D BudGP, your part was rather short, and pretty random... your stawberry's grin almost makes him look deranged, haha. FrameSlinger, your two entries were nice... but a little dark, heh. That poor tomato, I could feel his pain as the blade sliced through him! And those bananas, oh my! I like how they were bandaged up at the end, heh, pretty cute ;3 *BlueHippo has a flashback to giant banana peeling him when he was a wee hippo* AAAG! Never again, honest! Gatling, I honestly couldn't tell that he was in the ground at first, until he was pulled up... but I suppose drawing dirt all over him would have looked bad, loved the carrot's big ol eyes! Kweaks, didn't really like the gradient on the banana, some hand shading would have probably looked better.. looks like you're gonna make some soup, mmm! Lard Lad, very random, almost like an intermission *taps toes* MarcyVF I loved the tomatoes's facial expression, the joke was a little old, but he just looked so damn cool while saying it ;P Markylyne, think you could work on your shading a bit, never really liked that zigzag shading style.. it reminds me of someone specific but I can't recall who it is. I suggest watching a lot of flash, and trying to imitate some of your favorite authors' shading styles, and you'll pick up on how it's done. One of my shading role models is Stamper... he does his shades and highlights so damn good, arg! There's always room to grow :) Moro(?), your tomato started off looking very strange, almost like a butt (teehee) with eyes all the way down at the bottom. The transformation was pretty random, but had some nice fbf transition. Poor lil fella, looks like it hurt! NicholasDeary, oh hey buddy.. interesting sprite style here, the wink which appeared to be just a tween on his eye looked a little weak... I think a FBF in the same style would have worked better. Revels, think your trees in the BG could use some work... shouldn't have copy+pasted them, either, heh. I'd still eat that apple even after it threw up.. Satan112, your style almost looked bitmap traced, but was much smoother.. interesting. Slodd, Each of your entries had a different style, all were colorful and pleasing to examine with my little eyes ;3 SteelSoldier, two interesting parts... was that second one from like, DBZ or something? I got that impression. Tommy, I liked your style. Simple, yet some nice animation, and I also enjoyed your character designs, nice lip syncing as well :) Rung, need to work on your shading... also, slightly racist? heh. UberCream, pretty silly, interesting line art style... not a fan of the bitmap traces though. xHeavyMetalx, I suppose your part WAS kinda metal. Scchpoik (that's the sound of a tomato exploding). Once again, nice work guys, turned out to be a nice collab :)

TheBoogley responds:

Dear god... :U


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


A nice little short, Hans. Too lazy to fix the fuckup in the lip syncing? Oh well, an arrow explaining MISTAKE is good enough I guess ;P I liked the weaved-ish layer you had on top of your flash, gave it a nice interesting feel. I felt like poking that red cat in the eyes... They were just bulging and asking for it! I liked the body he had at the beginning... why wasn't his pink pants under the filter layer? I guess his nose wasn't either.. I liked the blue demonic looking cat who singing by flapping his head, with a neck that looks like intensities... lovely. Glad I got to see the real you on Stickam at the mod meat... I can tell that it's just you being you when you have the cats on your hands, haha. Damn yousa crazy mofukka. I've been a fan of the RWD since they came out, and the group only continues to grow and be awesome. Great work, PS seek mental help ^_^

AlmightyHans responds:

I'm glad you reviewed. I used to live in Dallas. Fuck you. As for that "Mistake" thing, it technically isn't a mistake, i had worked so hard on that lip synch that when the time came to stop it, i was like... AWWW let's have the viewer see that again. So i just made it keep going to show it's beautiful-ness. Yeah, those cat eyes remind me of putting those sugar pellets on cupcake frosting, you know how they make those wrinkley things around them when you press them on. as for the texture on the pants, i over-laidthe texture so with some colors it just doesn't appear. I was glad to see you on the cam as well, you provided much inspiration for drawing "teh peoplez". And thanks for actually talking to people on the cameras so that it didn't become a sort of survailence camera on you guys over there. ;)

Finally, i'm glad to be a part of the RWD. So far it seems real coolies.

Blockhead: Quick Shot 2 Blockhead: Quick Shot 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Swell stuff Swain.

What? Aw man, your gf didn't come tear you away from the computer? That's how it happened when we were your blockheads, preventing you from ever finishing that game. Glad to see you got something done while working on that massive game... must have felt nice to be animating instead of coding furiously ;P I like your cartoon version of yourself... was expecting it to kinda look more like your "staff style" pic... you look so beaten and worn out, as I'm sure you really are. As always, top notch animation, some great FBF and facial expressions... and now, just to be a dick I will point out some things I noticed. For one, I notice that you don't really have fingers while typing (the blurred MC), if they were down just a tiiiiny bit more, you'd only be able to see his knuckles, which I assume was your intention. Also I notice some missing fills, but I'm OCD and always fix those... even though it's just pissing away time. I liked that you censored yourself as you got angry. Now, stop reading this review and get back to work on your game!


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NG Turns 13 NG Turns 13

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Oh that zany beta carotene clock

I wasn't aware that the NG tank was a schizophrenic but it all makes sense to me now. Well, the animation was basically the same symbol used over and over again, however, the outstanding voice acting made up for it. I see you're also a day late.. did you need that big smelly oaf Tom to remind you that yesterday was NG's birthday? Any good NGer would have known that yesterday was NG's birthday. C'mon Carrot, get with the times.

Dollar Dollar

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I wish I had some dolla payuls

Very nice Sard, I've been kinda lazy about reviewing lately... so, let's do this! The voices were nice.. your characters were pretty cute. Nice facial expressions... I think their eyebrows could have moved a bit more, but that's alright (I think you started... but got lazy, haha). That poor lil dollar, I feel bad for the lil fella... I'll try to treat him with more respect in the future. Never again will I treat you like a cheap whore. The raip scene was pretty lovely.. I'm really glad I got to walk in on my boss watching the dollar bill takin' it in the ass... he seemed a bit embarrassed, but I informed him a friend made that flash, haha. But srsly, that dollar bill has a hawt ass.

Swell flash my good sir :)

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Tom's Easter orgy Tom's Easter orgy

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

toot toot

That was quite a swell cartoon. Very stylistic, with many types of goofy animation :P The facial expression the rabbit at the beginning was wonderful... and just like that, our solar system was created! Thank you oh great easter rabbit. I had known Tom's spit had the ability to change lives, but the power to kill? Perhaps the rabbit didn't actually die, but the spit caused him to trip out for an entire month... It is unknown to the viewer, but we can only hope for the best. Even the end credits were swell. What a big long dick... and ooh... wade! Lookin' sexy :-* hmmm... *clicks the head of the dick and watches again*

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- Move Your Feet - - Move Your Feet -

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

*stops thhe beat*

Absolutely amazing Rtil. Sprites done right... made by hand, not this 'hey look i can google image search' bullshit. The animation synced up nicely with the song, and was very cute... I love the daft punk head... The first DBZ sprite was alright to me... but the second set of DBZ sprites, especially when he goes "ooohoooh".. my, that was a little creepy. didn't expect to see that :0 Love the singing veggies... something about singing food; or food with faces for that matter. just wins me over every time. YEAH! The star breathing the heat on the pants causing him to blast off was totally cute... and then right before the donut hopping part... you did that little 'rock on' gif... i've seen that before, was interesting to be tossed on in there ;P

Hopefully one day we can get together and have a pixel pillow fight. Great toon, glad I got to see it before it hit NG hehe. Now make your swell 11 part ;D

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