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Posted by BlueHippo - September 13th, 2009

Oh man I've been getting bad internet withdrawls *scratches at neck*.. have way too much catching up to do.

A little while before Comic-Con I started busting my hump to make enough cash to spend while I was over in California, which involved me taking up a second job (gross). Did that for a while and was off to San Diego, which was quite a blast! Met a bunch of awesome Newgrounders and got together with a bunch of familiar faces as well. Got to meet a bunch of awesome artists as well, Penn Ward, Thurop Van Orman, John K, Doug TenNapel, Jhonen Vasquez, Craig McCracken's wife, and even briefer contact with a couple others. Saw some good panels, but missed a couple others I tried to attend (damn you Venture Bros!), partied (although I did sadly miss Penn Ward's beach party.. AND the Mighty Boosh Party; double yarg), and nerded it up as well of course. Everyone was great once again; this year was even more of a success than last year, the turn-up seems to keep growing.. I think everyone should try to attend next year!

Got back from Comic-Con, and had 3 days until I was on another plane to leave the country. During those 3 days I had to pack all my stuff from my apartment and move it into my new house, which I managed to get done, (omg hay guys if you're in Austin, party?) packed all my clothes and whatnot, and the next morning was on a plane to Costa Rica.

Spent a little under a month there and went to the Pacific Ocean, a rain forest, an active volcano, a cloud forest, the Caribbean, did a canopy zip-line tour, hanging bridges, white water rafting, waterfall repelling, swimming in waves that when the water was at my waist was going over my head, saw the world championship surfing contest by Billabong, and saw oodles of animals. Some of the animals seen were three kinds of monkeys, white faced, spider, and howler, pizotes, an agouti, a tapir, eyelash palm vipers, sloths, poison arrow dart frogs, blue jeaned and green and black, several other kinds of frogs, a bunch of butterflies and other insects, and one more animal that I had waited 12 years to see, a kinkajou. I had wanted to see a kinkajou since the first time I visited Costa Rica 12 years ago, and I finally got to do it ;D Here's a bunch of pics my dad took, I have some pics myself but they are all on my phone still.. I can't find the insertion card for my Micro SD :(

Jaco | La Fortuna | More La Fortuna | Even More | Hanging Bridges | More La Fortuna | Arenal Park | Puerto Viejo | Volcano

After that, I was broke again and had rent to pay, so I slaved away.. but everything is squared away, bills paid, and I'm back on the internet. So I horribly apologize for my being away for so long, but I'm going to start being on AIM more and being a better e-person! Fo rillz.

And I have no real animations this year, or any submissions for that matter! I started planning out a cartoon while I was in Costa Rica, but no real details on that for now, gotta get these ideas out of my head and onto the computer! Some of it is on paper, but just rough doodles and stuffs for now. Will keep that to myself for now, but here's a compilation of some random doodles I made while in Costa Rica:

Work, Comic-Con, Costa Rica, and more Work..


Posted by BlueHippo - April 8th, 2009

Okay I keep getting worse and worse at these things, I know it :( but let me first start off by being a whoer and asking for you to vote for me on Threadless. woah a week later it's finally up ;D

That being said, in a couple days, Shake The World is coming up soon, so get ready!

Ah so today is my 21st birthday. I have been a good boy like my pal Steve and have yet to taste the adult's brew, so after twenty one long years, I will place my lips upon that bubbly amber liquid known as beer, and report back how it goes ;)

So everybody loves Twitter these days, right? So why the hell not follow me? Sounds good to me!

While Twitter is all the buzz, I've really been enjoying Google Reader, you should follow me there as well..

Going to Comic-Con this year? I'm going again this year.. hopefully this time with a little better planning, but nothing wrong with just hanging out around the NG booth!

I promise I will make a new animation sometime.. soon..ish... no really I have to :( I have to get back with Mista Hans and figure out that concept I shot out a while ago... (I've been trying to figure something out.. really!)

Alright here's a screenshot of the shirt.. it's not up yet, but when it is, I'd really appreciate it if you voted 5 and dropped a comment as well. If you vote 5 on my shirt I'll vote 5 on one of your movies for you.. c'mon please? :c


Reporting back.. so I'm not dead, that's good. Although things did get pretty hazy that night. Then I kinda vanished from the internet for a week, but I'm back now.. catch up is a bitch though!

Shirt and Birthday!

Posted by BlueHippo - September 19th, 2008

[edit] I like men. <== Updated: 12/24/08 2:34 PM. It took me until the 13th of February to spot that. Nice one BBM.

[edit] Just put out a new collab, check it out.


Okay, this news post is way overdue. Since my last news post, I have:

- Gone to Comic Con and met a bunch of awesome people.
- Moved to Austin, Texas
- Barely gotten any of my animations done

Awesome. So, I've been a bit inactive lately compared to normal.. After attending Comic Con and meeting Nathaniel and some other members of Camp North I found myself frequenting the site. It was the Milburn's birthday a while ago (both of them) so I organized a collab for their birthday, check it out here. Nothing serious, just a quick silly that was made in one day.

CN aside, no more juice... got a new job keepin' me busy these days, which is why I moved to Austin. Won't go into too much detail, as that seemed to be a problem from my first news post, heh.

Man, I haven't even made a new post since Comic Con... but I guess enough of them were made and the whole story has been heard. It was great meeting so many artists and animators, I can't wait for next year! Hopefully it's an even bigger turn out next year!

I've also been trying to get into using another Adobe program called After Effects.. it's really powerful, but sitting around for movies to render is a new concept for me ;P Does anyone know some good AE communities, where I can seek help online? I'm familiar with Motionographer which is a pretty good motion graphics website (if you've never been give it a peek). I recently just finished this which I think is kinda cool. Using it to rebuild my portfolio.

My roommate and I have some ideas churning about in our heads right now, we gotta get some of them down into flash soon. I guess I should finish my prior flash engagements first... After I finish my latest piece for Camp North I will have to go back and pick up one of those animations. Hopefully that will be soon, but knowing me, I will fail :0

Here's a picture I squeezed out of my bum one day for CN. Here ya go..

Okay hippo you're way overdue...

Posted by BlueHippo - June 30th, 2008

So, mod meat was pretty fucking awesome. Twas my first year and had quite the swell time. Alas, I was the youngest one there, two months behind Sard. However, I looked 6 years younger than everyone else... was still the second tallest though. *lank high-fives NegativeOne* The Stickam room was fun, was nice to see some of those mod faces who were unable to make it :) The connection sucked... so, sorry that the room went down 250 times a night :/ Thanks to all the staff for the awesome weekend, and once again, thank you Tim for being the grillmeister... *rubs stomach*

Thank you Luis for bitching at me to make more flash... even though I have something underway. Your motivation should help.. I hope to hear your voice pressuring me to finish when time's get hard (in my head, that is).

That being said, I'm starting a new flash.. actually, two (although one has a script in the writing, and the other has yet to begin)

The first one I'm working on, is a clock crew collab, about dreams. This immediately sparked my interest as I've been observing my dreams a lot more recently.. so it should be fun to try to go for a dreamy effect in a flash movie.

The second one, is a song for the Mars Volta... Conjugal Burns. If you're a good flash animator (we are looking for crazy styles... the more fucked up, the better!) then you should head over to ChillyPhilly's news post and read more! It's gonna be a load of fun :) We will have some slots open!

As for the way distant future, I think me and a real life friend might team up when my schedule is a lot more free, and try to work on some flash games. Yes that's right, a game that require more than just gotoAndPlay that plays a movie clip of life dancing... NO idea what it is that we will do, but it's just something to possibly look forward to ;D

And, Comic-Con is steadily approaching. I'd really love to go, and meet some more Newgrounders... but I dunno if my budget will allow it. We'll see... maybe PAX, but I'd love to go hang out at San Diego with a bunch of users. Not sure if I can do it, but will do what I can... I'd better get to booking my flight soon if I'm to go. Damn you Newgrounds, you're gonna make me broke! Hopefully I can snag $100, then I'd just piss it away instantly!

Quick, now everybody do the Bedn!

Meat and new projects!

Posted by BlueHippo - April 8th, 2008

Looks like I'm an old smelly man now :0

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Well it was an interesting birthday. Started off at midnight with a couple flash tributes, and over the rest of the day some more followed. Despite the fact that most of the entries are rather spammy, I'm still happy about (almost) every one ;D Check em out below (listed in order of submission):

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

Also, check out this nifty art thread (cux ima whoer)

Went to work just like any normal day, and listened to a fair amount of Mars Volta, as I would be seeing them live later that night. I was pretty ecstatic, as they are my current favorite band, and had yet to see them live. You see, the Mars Volta is from El Paso, and for some reason seem to hate coming back to Texas. We were going to drive up to Oklahoma to see them, when they decided to add 3 Texas tour dates, and would be in Dallas on my birthday... what a gift!

However, as the evening was building up, it had to come crashing down when I got home. My back door was open, and when I went inside my apartment was upside down, and a ton of stuff went missing, what pisses me off most was the Wii :/ Luckily my TV and computer were still there. Then I called the police, and boy did that police officer like to talk. He gave us all sorts of advice on how to shoot him.. I believe it went something like "Yeah just hide out here and ya know when they come through that door you just gotta POW POW ya gotta defend yourself ya know? Then you call the cops and say, 'hello there's been a break in and the robber is dead' and that's just self defense ya know?" Then he proceeded to tell us about how if someone is breaking into your car, you can only shoot them at night... not at day. He was an interesting character. We talked about his taser for a bit, I asked if it was one of the new ones that comes out all the way with two barbs... and indeed it was.

But enough about that crazy cop, he left, and I was waiting around for my friends to arrive to pick me up. Then they arrived and pulled out some bottles as a surprise for the concert (okay it wasn't really a surprise... it was my birthday, I knew what to expect). Me and two of my friends got our drinks on (this story totally takes place in Canada where 18 is the legal drinking age *cough cough*) and our other friend drove us to the concert (that's right kids, don't drink and drive). Sadly we got there late as I live on the other side of the planet and my car is dead at the moment, but it didn't matter. I ran straight into the crowd and made an attempt to shove my way to the front. Eventually I reached a point that it was too thick to procede any further at a constant rate... at which point you need to worm your way forward. I had made a shirt that said "CEDRIC! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" (made as in, white t-shirt and colored sharpies 5 minutes before I left) I was determined to show Cedric, the lead singer.. although I knew it wouldn't do anything. Sadly the furthest forward I made it the whole night was the second row, but either way it was still pretty awesome.

The band was phenomenal. The presence of their new drummer was outstanding. He just grinned like a fool and beat the crap out of those drums perfectly all night. He would look over at Omar and smile, and Omar would play something, and he would play a beat to it, and when they found that place they were comfortable at, the rocking out would resume. Cedric would wriggle around and dance up onstage while wailing his little heart out, and we'd scream our asses off in the pit. I remember at one point screaming "THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVERRRR" and I got a nice wave of woo's, yeah's, and 'happy birthday!'s.. good stuff :D

Stuck around after the show and ended up meeting the black piano player, and Marcel, Omar's little brother. Got both of them to autograph my silly shirt ;P My friend also picked up a poster for himself, and I only now realize that it has the date and city on it. It turns out they have a different poster for each stop... neat :0 The poster is pretty bad ass, too.

But that about sums up my birthday, now I suppose I should actually talk about something "artist news" related ;) I've started freelancing websites in my spare time to try to scoop up some extra cash, sadly that keeps me more busy than I already am :( I need to get around to finishing my Pico Day drawing... Sheesh, I can't even finish a drawing... good thing I didn't attempt an animation :/ I'm still trying to save up some money to go out to Otis (gotta have a dream, right?) But recently I've come to realize that surviving solely on animation is not an easy task. I feel a little doomed and realize I'm probably going to have to still do web design on the side to keep the bread on the table.

I'm tired of rambling and am going to end this post now.

Uh ohes

Posted by BlueHippo - February 12th, 2008

Wow cool. Finally time for a new post... So, lets start this off by plugging something that I finished for the Clock Crew's "trippy flash week" contest... Inside the mind of SBC. This is what you will see if you join the clock crew, all the time... do it, right now. See through the eye of SBC ;3
(PS thanks Tom for frontpage ^_^)

Up next... well.. I think I missed my chance for this flash :/ I had the audio for a My Newgrounds parody... but I think that fad has died out now. Sorry bug :(

You can listen to the audio here... I thought it was pretty good :/

Secondly I've reached ass packin' mod status, so you can all call me a faggot now and start hating me... Feel free to ask review/bbs questions here in the comments if you really want... I mean... we do have the PM system, but why the hell not.

Still waiting on f0d to finish up Daily Toon 400 pt 2... it's not his fault though :( Hopefully that flash will be out sometime before I make my next news post ;P

In a quick un-flash related update, everyone go pick up Bedlam in Goliath, the new Mars Volta CD. It's psychedelic progressive rock... and ummm, it pretty much rocks my cock around the block. If you like the Volta at all, check this CD out, it's quite the work of art. I've also been diggin' %u2020.

More info to come on colonthree shortly, so hang tight while I write that up... won't be up for a couple days I'm sure ;P

Hey BlueHippo Make A New News Post >:U

Posted by BlueHippo - December 3rd, 2007


Hmmm, well it seems I've been getting a lot of complaints about making a new blog post, and I suppose the fact that every time I want to read a new comment I have to wait forever for it to load.


Let's march forward into the life of the hippo once again.

Work at *OOPS CENSORED* has been good, so much has happened since my last update, it feels stupid to not have updated ages ago. Right now what we're working on is a showcase DVD reel of everything it is we do at *OMG CENSORED!!*. I guess now would be a good time to say what it is we do as I have a grasp of it all right now :P We do trailers for video games, x-box 360, ps2, wii, ds, computer... whatever. We have all sorts of recording devices that allow us to capture game play, neat stuff. I really like the device that hooks up to the DS, looks crazy... I should bring in a camera and jazz this blog post up... (oh wait I went back and did that! Pics can be seen below). We do live action commercials and splice in gameplay, do short films, motion graphics and movie editing and all that jazz... I also have a coworker who just sits around and creates bad ass audio all day for whatever :D We do print ads, rich media, banner ads (moi), and websites (also me) for games, but have done some other sites too. I probably forgot something, but we do a lot over there at *FFFCENSOREDOKAY* ;D

Here's some kickin'rad pics of the juice headquarters:

If you looked at those pictures you'll see that I have a nice microphone and an audio room, so I'd like to officially announce myself open for voice acting. Listen to a horrible sample of what I could crap out for you. Just give me something to shoot for, and I'll do what I can for ya ;)

Moving on past that giant wall of text you didn't just read, we can look at some of some of the "juice" I've been working on.


After you've taken the time to look at all that crap, all those dumb sites, and silly banner ads, you can see some other emails I'm working on that showcases *WHO???*'s work.

(oh yeah I didn't really... make that whole email, a lot of the stuff was already there for me, like the basic layout and obviously the assets from other games and stuff)


Now if somehow I still manage to have your attention, we can move onto the good stuff... the animation. Yes, making websites and ads gets boring, but it's very time consuming. I've been trying to get back into animation. Luckily, for the DVD, I was asked to make a flash intro involving a little idea bulb thought bubble... thing... to simulate an idea. They lie dead in the bottom of the jar with X's for eyes. The camera zooms out and we see a conveyor belt wrapped around the jar extending into a door on an infinite white background. A hand reaches in and picks up a dead idea from the jar and drops it on the convener belt and it POOFs and the bulb springs to life, and he floats on over the convener belt through the doors, in which my coworker takes over and the Mediajuice logo spins in all 3D like and whatnot and the ideabulb floats by and it unmasks "Where ideas come to life".

Mmmm. That's almost done, my coworker is whipping up some music and sound effects for it now. You guys can see it when the DVD is all done, hehe :P [EDIT: I GUESS NOT ANY MORE] I've also joined a collab with a very sinister friend of mine, of the music video sort. I gotta make my part... will get that done one day... hopefully soon. I mean, I only have one submission for 2007, and it's not even that great :P I gotta get some other stuff in. I've been more active on the CC forums lately, will try to join a clock collab. Shout out to all the B heads. Also something 11 times swell will be coming soon for those of you swell enough to know what I'm talking about ;)

For the couple of you who have been reading all my comments on my old blog you'll know that I was waiting for a while to upload some pics... which... finally I did. Well I typed this up a while ago and in between the time I wrote this and now, I was asked to be an emergency fill in for someone on DailyToon 400. With only 2 days I managed to crap something out. Was my way of animating, under extreme pressure... no rest... just, animating! My part turned out alright I suppose considering the conditions, would have liked more than 2 days though :P Watch Part 1 or the part with my piece... <Link to part 2 will be here when it hits the portal>. Hope you guys had a happy daily day, all spam aside I think #400 turned out great, c'mon guys... right?

My website still sucks, I'd really like to find someone who is a PHP god to help me finish that... I have a lot of plans, it won't be an easy task, but I have a good plan in my head that's been there for ages. If you know someone who loves to do PHP point them over yonder ;3

Oh god it keeps going. I almost forgot, since my last news post I have become review modded. If you have any questions about... well whatever NG related, preferably review related questions, just leave me a comment or PM me, and I'll answer you the best I can :)

For the 6 of you who have managed to make it down this far, congrats, here is your candy. No, this does not count not reading all of this, but seeing the word candy, and reading this paragraph. I know how you Newgrounders are scared of walls of text.

let the gayorgyfest of comments begin!

A new News Post?!

Posted by BlueHippo - July 23rd, 2007


@@@@@@9/6/07 QUACKTASTIC UPDATE@@@@@@
okay here is an update... i suggest you read the whole thing... only if you already HAD a duck sig. if you come here expecting me to make you a new one, THINK AGAIN. Now, if i already made you a duck sig, I still have all your .fla's on my computer... you can see all of the gifs right hurr... wow.. haven't seen them all displayed like that before :0 neat. anyways, if one of those is yours, leave me a comment, and let me know what the filename is (because a lot of people changed aliases) and i'll try to comment back with the url of your new sig :) this will be much more organized than PMs, because i can keep track of whose i haven't done... although, i should probably make a new post for this, NEVERRR. whatever! sorry to those of you who wished the ducks died with the redesign, but i know some people want their ducks back :P QUACK ATTACK!!

oh yeah... and obviously if your sig was animated... RIP >_<


[9/5 edit] man, i do a lot of updates :0 well, i just wanted to say, i'm making a conscious effort to review more flash! So, if you would like to have your flash reviewed by me (better be gooood, i don't like to write bad reviews :P) gimme a link, and i'll see what i can do! also, vote on that shit on the edit below so my boss is happy kthx.

[8/14 edit] Updated user pic, so it's not the exact same as my banner :0 feel free to comment ;)

Mister hippo, are you just a lazy fat sack of poop?

Well, maybe... however I haven't been completely worthless, I have been getting some work done, but it's not for Newgrounds :( I got hired at a place called *CENSORED* , a studio that does a lot of work for video games. We make trailers for the video, promotional website, email blasters, ads, and even full commercials with real actors. My job is doing the flash stuff at the studio, doing websites, ads, and the blasters layouts. However, not all the work I do is for video games, I've also done work for this band who shares the studio with us. The studio used to be audio based, doing voice overs for trailers and video games and whatnot, and have a recording studio on the other half. The studio was formed by my boss, and one of the members of a Christian rock band (that is apparently pretty big in the Christian music industry, not that you, or myself, would know that) called *GONNA CENSOR JUST CUX*.


Not all work I've been doing has been work related, I've been trying to get some flash work done for Newgrounds as well. It's just hard to go home and make flash after sitting at work and doing it all day, haha. But you know I love you all, and need to get some new stuff done, so I'm hoping I can get off my fat ass and get some stuff done ^_^

Now, to show you the source of my pure awesomeness, and finish off this long, stupid, failure attempt at a first post. We got picture one, picture two, and even a scan of it!

Sorry, in case it wasn't clear I kinda like this hat :P Yes, it's summer in Texas, and I have this dumb thing on my head. I might be mentally insane, but it's all good!

So, it's time to get to work! Enjoying the new site design, guys. Haven't had enough time to explore around on it, but will get more in eventually. Catch ya guys later!

Whatcha been up to Mister Hippo?